TrendVectorAviation International, Inc.

Rental Airplane

The fees and rates for TVA 2019/10/1~

Rental Airplane Pricing Information

Rental Airplane Type Price

Cessna 172 P

$160 / hour (members)

$360 / hour (non-members)

$3,000 For 20 hours of block time

Piper Arrow

$250 / hour (members only)

Dual Instruction Price

Flight and Ground Instruction

$50 / hour (members)

$70 / hour (non-members)

Others Price

Airport Facility Fee

$16 / Flight

TVA initial membership fee


TVA annual membership fee

$200 / Year

TSA Application processing fee by TVAI


Finger print document preparation & escort to police


Escort to Police(escort only)


Other document fee


*There is currently a fuel surcharge of $10/hour for the Cessna 172, and $12/hour for the Piper Arrow.
*Contact us for special rates if you are U.S. Military or currently reside on Guam.