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Guam Scenic Spot

Guam Scenic Spot

Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers PointLegend has it that two "star-crossed lovers" tied their hair together and jumped to their deaths in order to avoid a marriage arranged for the girl with a Spanish occupation officer. It is located to the north of Tumon Bay and is an icon of Guam.

Cocos Island

Cocos Island This small island exists a few kilometers south of Guam. The tiny island is surrounded by white sandy beaches and water clear enough to see straight to the bottom. There are many activities on this island for visitors.

Talofofo Falls

Talofofo Falls Located in the southern part of Guam, this is an impressive 3-part waterfall as wide as 20 meters and as high as 9 meters at some places. Yokoi Shouichi, a Japanese soldier during WWII hid in a cave near this waterfall for many years after Japan surrendered because he did not believe the war was truly over.

Tumon District

Tumon District This is the business district of Guam featuring many hotels, shops, and restaurants. Tumon beach is very beautiful and always flocking with tourists.

Apra Harbor

Apra Harbor Apra Harbor is used as a commercial port as well as a U.S. Navy Base. Many ships from aircraft carriers to submarines can be seen here. This is a popular diving spot.

Guam International Airport

Guam International Airport A.B. Won Pat Guam International Airport has two parallel runways. It is the international gateway to the island and serves many airlines flying to worldwide destinations.

Leo Palace Resort

Leo Palace Resort Located in the lush inner part of Guam, Leo Palace Resort features a full, 36 hole golf course. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicholson have designed some of the courses.

Ritidian Point

Ritidian Point This hideaway beach is located at the northern tip of Guam. It has the whitest sand and the clearest water found on the island. Sadly, swimming is prohibited because of rough seas in this area. However, this beach is worth visiting just for the sights.