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Commercial Pilot Training Course


The Commercial Pilot Certificate is the next step up from the private pilot level. It builds on what you learned as a private pilot, but requires a higher degree of proficiency necessary as a commercial pilot. The Commercial Pilot Certificate allows you to fly for hire, and the training you receive will make you a safer and more skilled aviator.

Enrollment Prerequisites:

Students enrolling in the Commercial Pilot Course must hold a Private Pilot Certificate and at least a current 3rd class medical.


The Cessna 172 can be used for initial training for the Commercial Pilot Certificate. The Piper Arrow PA-28 RT201 is used for the final phases of training and for the check ride.

Flight Training at a glance:

  • Pre and post flight procedures
  • Takeoffs, landings and go-around procedures
  • Commercial pilot performance maneuvers
  • Long range navigation/li>
  • Emergency operations
  • Commercial pilot scenario based training

Ground Training at a glance:

  • Advanced aerodynamics
  • Advanced aircraft systems
  • Advanced weight and balance calculations
  • Density altitude and aircraft performance calculations
  • High altitude operations
  • Advanced meteorology
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