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Information about Transport Security Agency (TSA)

Transportation Security Agency (TSA) Clearance A security clearance from the Transportation Security Agency is required for foreign nationals to begin flight training in the United States. You can complete this step in your home country or upon your arrival on Guam for a fee.

  • TSA Clearance in Guam
  • Our office will assist you for a fee of $50 in addition to the $130 TSA fee.
  • TSA Clearance before your arrival to Guam

Go to the TSA link: After creating a student account and completing the form, an email will be sent to you requesting fingerprints and you will be given access to a website that will list all fingerprinting agencies.

The TSA Clearance process:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click LOGIN then go to New Student Account.
  • 3. Fill out the necessary information (If you need assistance, please email us)
  • 4. Pay directly to the TSA the $130 processing fee.
  • 5. You will also need to upload a clear color copy of your passport and your visa.

Frequently asked questions when filling out the necessary information on the TSA Website

  • Last name and first name are required
  • Training Request Course Name: Initial
  • Aircraft Type is the particular aircraft you will be training in (example: Cessna 172, Piper Arrow PA-28RT201)
  • The category is 3 (this means the aircraft is less than 12,500lbs)

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or are confused about this process. We look forward to flying with you soon!

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