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TA - Intro Flight Advanced Course


The Intro Flight Advance Course will have you piloting a Piper Arrow advanced trainer. This aircraft is commonly used for commercial pilot and instructor pilot training. If you have all ready tried the Intro Flight Standard Course, this is the next step! This low wing aircraft has a “bigger airplane feel” than the Cessna. You will feel just like a real commercial pilot as you put the “gear up” and climb into the sky.

  • A Certified Flight Instructor will assist you during the flight.
  • You will enjoy flying the aircraft while your instructor keeps you safe.
  • Air traffic control communications and complex operation of aircraft systems will be handled by your instructor.
  • After your flight, you will receive a Pilot Logbook recording the flight time and type of aircraft you flew.
Advanced flight image pic
  • Total Time : 120min
  • Instruction Time : 60 min
  • Cost Pilot : $350
  • Cost Passenger : $100 Adult
  • Cost Passenger : $50 Child
  • For ages 12 and below, please sign up for the Kids Pilot Course.
  • Those with no flight experience also may sign up for the Intro Flight Advanced Course.
  • Federal Aviation Regulations do not allow people who have gone scuba diving or who have had an alcoholic drink within the past eight hours to fly aircraft.
  • There is a chance that the flight must be postponed due to weather, aircraft maintenance, or other unforeseen events. We will reschedule your flight as soon as possible.

Intro Flight Advanced Course Flow

Watch a simple video.

1. Watch a simple video explaining the flight controls and flight instruments. Feel free to ask any questions about the flight!


We'll explain about airplane.

2. You will walk out to the aircraft, climb in, and become familiar with the controls. This aircraft is a little more complex than the Cessna 172. Notice the gear up handle and color GPS!


Take off!

3. It is time for takeoff. Gently ease the throttles forward and feel the aircraft accelerate. In no time, you will pull gently back on the control yoke and guide the aircraft into the sky.


Guam view from the sky

4. Under the supervision of your instructor, you will try climbs, descents, and turns. After you become familiar with controlling the aircraft, it’s time to explore the beautiful island of Guam from the air.



5. It is almost time to land. Don’t forget to put the gear down! You will guide the aircraft towards the runway and gently settle back on the ground. Don’t worry; your instructor is right next to you if you need the help.


Good job!

6. How was the flight? We hope you enjoyed it! Cool off with a glass of water and relish the experience of your flight in our office.

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