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T4 - Intro Flight Training Course


The Intro Flight Training Course includes actual flight maneuvers pilots practice during training. These maneuvers include stalls, steep turns, lazy eights, and touch and goes.

  • These flight maneuvers are what real pilots practice.
  • Even if you have no flight experience, you can still sign up for this course.
  • You will enjoy flying the aircraft while your instructor keeps you safe.
  • Air traffic control communications and complex operation of aircraft systems will be handled by your instructor.
  • After your flight, you will receive a Pilot Logbook recording the flight time and type of aircraft you flew.
Training course image pic
  • Total Time : 120min
  • Instruction Time : 60 min
  • Cost Pilot : $280
  • Cost Passenger : No passenger for this flight.

*Some of the maneuvers are quite dynamic and we cannot accept passenger. However, if passenger accepts terms of this flight, we can accept the passenger. Ask us for details.

  • For anyone considering obtaining their pilot’s license, this course will give you insight on what the training will be like.
  • We do not recommend passengers accompanying the pilot in this course. Some of the maneuvers are quite dynamic and passengers may become airsick.
  • For ages 12 and below, please sign up for the Kids Pilot Course.
  • Federal Aviation Regulations do not allow people who have gone scuba diving or who have had an alcoholic drink within the past eight hours to fly aircraft.
  • There is a chance that the flight must be postponed due to weather, aircraft maintenance, or other unforeseen events. We will reschedule your flight as soon as possible.

Intro Flight Training Course Flow

Your instructor will explain to you.

1. Watch a simple video explaining the flight controls and flight instruments. Your instructor will explain to you the different maneuvers you will be flying today. Feel free to ask any questions about the flight!


We'll explain about airplane.

2. Climb in the aircraft and familiarize yourself with the controls. Ask any questions you have. You will be operating the controls throughout all of the maneuvers.


Take off!

3. It is time to fly. Your instructor will handle radio communications so you can focus on the takeoff.


Guam view from the sky

4. Under the supervision of your instructor, you will try climbs, descents, and turns. After you become familiar with controlling the aircraft, it is time to begin the flight training maneuvers. Your instructor will make sure you stay safe!



5. It is time to land. Can you land the aircraft all by yourself? Expertly guide the aircraft in for a landing.


Good job!

6. How was the flight? We hope you enjoyed it! Cool off with a glass of water and relish the experience of your flight in our office.

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